Scam Atlantic Alliance under the guise of a broker! Reviews

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atlantic alliance broker

In this review, we take a look at a young brokerage company that operates under the name Atlantic Alliance. Today, its official website is not functioning, but there is quite a lot of information from past clients on the network. Affected traders talk about the Atlantic Alliance divorce scheme. Reviews allow you to study a common method of deception and protect your start-up capital from the encroachment of such scammers.

Basic information about the Atlantic Alliance: the company describes the merits

According to brand representatives, the company has been operating since 2003. It should be noted that the comments began to be published relatively recently. The audit showed that the domain name was registered in June 2021, and therefore the office’s lifetime is no more than 3 months. Thus, a pseudo broker can already be caught cheating. He extended his life by wanting to appear more reliable and experienced.

According to legend, the company was registered in the UK. It is headquartered in London and provides services worldwide. In fact, the project was created on the Internet, its founders did not bother with licenses and registration numbers. They completely ignore the current legislation, do not seek permission from Russian and other regulators.

Обзор предложений Atlantic Alliance

The site has a phone number that helped track the Atlantic Alliance swindlers. Cheating is quite common for the founders of this company. They founded several SCAM projects aimed at taking away client funds. As it turned out, scammers have long been involved in divorce and have considerable experience in this matter.

Investment portfolios of the company. Review of offers

The company does not provide a demo account that could be used for training. Instead, she offers training from the Atlantic Alliance. The official website introduces a beginner to basic knowledge about the market, provides fresh analytical materials. At the same time, the main emphasis is on investing free funds according to pre-selected schemes.

The Exchange Reseller has prepared several investment portfolios that all Atlantic Alliance clients can use:

  • Franklin – is suitable for novice investors with capital up to 10 thousand dollars. The strategy involves buying currencies, commodities and American stocks. The total portfolio return is over 10.5%. You can pick up capital investments and profits in 3 months.
  • Buffet – is an option for experienced exchange players with capital from 10 to 50 thousand. In one quarter, you can earn 18% of the profit. The client is assisted by a professional manager and manager of the Atlantic Alliance. You can open an account for 1 year.
  • Samuelso – starting capital from 50,000 US dollars. Profit level rises to 27% in one quarter. The investment period reaches 3 years.

Since the Atlantic Alliance is a broker with a very dubious reputation, a trader should not give him such large sums. This firm sets a high entry threshold, which immediately weeds out newcomers with a modest start-up capital. Without providing any guarantees of quality, she offers to invest from 10,000 dollars and wait for the manager’s response. Most likely, the invested capital will be instantly drained, and the account will be blocked.

Comments about Atlantic Alliance

Clients lost their invested capital through the fault of the company’s employees. The managers drained the deposit almost to zero, after which they terminated the contract and accused the trader of violating the user agreement. They are doing everything not to give the remaining money by freezing it on the accounts of the Atlantic Alliance. The withdrawal of funds does not work, and therefore the exchange player will not be able to return his investment or make a profit.

As the audit showed, the stock broker is engaged in the most common divorce. He is accused of refusing payments and total deception. Employees are fooling around trying to take the last money from gullible investors. After passing the verification, the trader can forget about the invested finances forever. The manager will promise to withdraw, but the procedure will take forever.

Абсолютное большинство комментариев имеет негативный окрас

The vast majority of comments are negative. Traders advise staying away from the Atlantic Alliance project. Registration in the system will certainly lead to failure. A participant in an international platform will lose not only honestly earned money, but also precious time and nerves. The forex kitchen works according to the standard scheme, promising mountains of gold in the absence of access to market trading.

Комментарии о Atlantic Alliance

Why not partner with the Atlantic Alliance? Divorce for newbies

Our today’s hero is a standard representative of pseudo-brokers. It positions itself as an innovative company with a wide range of services, while in reality clients cannot even return the invested capital. The first “wake-up call” is a poor-quality site, which was created literally for a few rubles. The founders of the project did not bother with the design, because they planned to attract the most inexperienced beginners.

Understanding how a fraudulent project works, the reader will be able to bypass such offices and find a reliable intermediary. He should carefully study the firm before replenishing the start-up capital. Otherwise, the trader will face fraud and lose a large amount. The choice of a bona fide broker is one of the most important stages, because it is he who determines the prospects for market trading.

Broker name Atlantic Alliance
Year of foundation 2021
Recommended installment Up to $ 10,000
Profitability Up 10,5%
Investment term 3 months to 3 years
Investment assets Currencies, stocks, goods

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