Broker KIEXO – power is in truth! Review kiexo.com

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KIEXO broker review

How difficult it is to decide on the choice of a broker! Some offer instant withdrawal, others trade without investment, and still others – profit in one day. KIEXO differs from all similar companies, first of all, by the transparency of work, and secondly, by the quality of the services provided. This company is honest with its customers, so there are no hidden fees or additional fees. In this review, we will tell you about the features of this broker.

What does the KIEXO broker offer?

All the broker’s trading offers are described on the kiexo.com website. Even before becoming a client of the company, a trader can familiarize himself with the services offered. Broker’s trading offers:

  • 1,500 trading assets;
  • effective trading platform;
  • economic calculator;
  • a large selection of trading markets;
  • secure transactions;
  • leverage 1: 400;
  • free analysis and analytical tools.
The broker KIEXO publishes free access to legal documentation so that everyone can get acquainted with it. This once again confirms the company’s openness to customers and honesty of intentions. How to make money on the exchange?

Successful clients are the most valuable for KIEXO

In recent years, more and more fraudulent brokers have appeared on the market, whose main goal is to quickly drain traders’ deposits. They are popularly called Forex kitchens or fly-by-night brokers. KIEXO is a broker who benefits from long-term cooperation. The company’s clients earn money, so they stay with the broker, and do not look for other companies.

broker's trading offers

The broker offers traders free technical assistance. They can contact technical support specialists with their questions at any convenient time. Broker representatives advise 24/5.

Another reason why traders choose KIEXO is the absence of any commissions or hidden payments. The broker’s honest work and open agreements with clients are its undoubted advantages.

How to become a client of the company? Simple registration

You can start making money with KIEXO after registering on the broker’s official website. To do this, the trader must fill out an electronic questionnaire, indicating the name and surname, date of birth, address and email. You also need to select the currency and confirm the registration.

The process itself is simple and does not take much time. After confirming the questionnaire, representatives of the company contact the trader to clarify the details.

MT5 trading platform

The trading process is possible thanks to the Metatrader5 application. You can download it for free on the broker’s website or use the web version.

MT5 is one of the most reliable trading programs that opens access to different markets (Forex, stock, commodity, cryptocurrency market). Therefore, the platform has an easy-to-use interface, different types of charts, more than 30 indicators and graphical objects.

Also, in addition to the standard application and web trader, there are also mobile platforms, which makes it possible to trade in a comfortable environment for the trader.


KIEXO is one of the few companies that is open to its customers. Since this broker provides quality access to the market and favorable terms of cooperation. Before starting work, the company offers to read the documentation so that the trader can study the investment process with KIEXO.

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Hi! Anybody tried Kiexo yet? Heard a lot about them, mostly nice things 🙂

I registered an account with Kiexo last year and still is working with them. Goog trade execution, good platform (I strongly advice to spend some time getting familiar with it as it has a lot of features and may seem a little bit complicated at first). No stop hunting or other ‘grey’ practices.

It’s a fairly good broker and I have yet to complain about their services. It’s not the only broker I am trading with, as I prefer not to keep all eggs in one basket but that doesn’t mean that Kiexo isn’t good enough. Got a good profit from it.

Switched to Kiexo not so long ago, trading with them for about 4 and a half months. I trade only major currencies, mostly intraday. Good margin level, no enormous spreads widening just before the news, honest accounting AFAIK.

Kiexo is a good broker and I don’t want to complain but some of their spreads are not as low as they promised. When I asked, the tech support guy said that the spreads are floating and because of that they can be lower or higher depending on circumstances. Didn’t know about that…

Great broker! I did my first withdrawal and it went even better that I expected, really fast and without any problems. 

Maybe that’s a stupid question, but I wasn’t able to figure it out on my own. Here it goes. So you can use limit orders like SL and TP to manage your losses and profits, I get that. But how do they work if I close my MT5 terminal?? I checked it, they definitely work even when my computer isn’t turned on. Does it work remotely? I work with kiexo btw if this is important. 

I’m trading with kiexo, just started last month. I had an account opened in less than an hour after I filled the form. So far their customer service was excellent. But I still haven’t done any withdrawals, and that’s why I don’t want to rate them yet. 

I’m impressed with Kiexo so far. It’s a decent broker or so I hope. I was able to use scalping strategies and use indicators successfully enough. Speed of execution is great! I want to try futures now, hope it will be just as good. 

I don’t exactly consider myself an experienced trader, but I have tried trading before. Can’t say that it was a pleasant experience. Finally I am lucky enough to work with a broker that doesn’t temper with my orders and prices. I have been using Kiexo services for months and there weren’t any indications of dishonesty.

They have sharp execution time and provide good spreads/commissions. 

I want to start my career as a trader and Kiexo is my most probable choice. Kiexo have been around for a while now, and I heard a lot of good things about them but still was reluctant to try. Now that I finally feel confident enough to try, I want to clear some things first. Is there a difference between using credit and debit card for funding and withdrawals? Where I live debit cards are much more common, I suppose it’s ok to use them as long as it’s Visa or Mastercard? Also, swaps. Never really understood them. How much should I be worried about them?

Trading platform loads fast, new indicators are added pretty often, also I can make my own programmable indicators and it’s OK to use and the broker doesn’t ban it, which is lit. Execution is decent even during busy times, and order entry is good. I don’t see any major issues, thankfully. 

Great trading conditions! The response time of placing trades is excellent, no connection problems either. Can’t say much about my manager’s qualifications as I don’t really need his services and we aren’t communicating much, but he’s pleasant to talk to at least. I started with Kiexo over 6 months ago or so, and I hope to stay with them much longer because as for now, they fulfill everything I look for in a broker.

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